Domestic Violence (DV) Intake and Evaluation$120
DV Evaluation with Substance Abuse Evaluation$250
DV Group$30 per session
DV Second Contact Individual Session$60
Mental Health Assessment, DV, and Substance Abuse Evaluation$450
DV Evaluation and Mental Health Assessment$300
Anger Management Intake$60
Anger Management Evaluation$125
Anger Management Group$30 per session
Mental Health Assessment (MHA) $250
Substance Abuse Evaluation$225
Substance Abuse Evaluation with Mental Health Assessment$400
Level II DUI Intake (English and Spanish)$50
Level II DUI Education Group (English and Spanish)$30 per session
Level II DUI Therapy Group (English and Spanish)$30 per session
DUI 4+ (Track F) Intake (English and Spanish)$50
DUI Therapy 4+ (Track F) (English and Spanish)$30 per session
Interlock Enhanced Counseling$30
Relapse Prevention Intake$50
Relapse Prevention Group$30 per session
Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Intake$60
Cognitive and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group$30 per session
Caring Dads Parenting Program – 12 Group Sessions$30 per session
Individual Counseling$70-$80 per session
Couples Counseling$70-$95 per session
Family Counseling$80-$125 per session
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