Journey Counseling Center, LLC – Longmont, CO

We like to think of your experience with us as part of your journey. So, Welcome to Your Journey!

We have life experience and formal training that allows us to offer you assistance as you walk your personal path.  We are on this earth to learn something, and better ourselves.  We hope that you will allow us to accompany you as you learn your life lessons.  Our goal is to guide and teach, so that when you are complete, you will leave with new tools in your tool kit, and can continue your journey with better coping skills, and a clearer sense of well being and self-worth.

Keys to Happiness can be found
through Journey Counseling

  • Optimism
  • Inner Control
  • Meaningful Work
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Supportive Relationships

We Offer

Domestic Violence (DV) Counseling – State Approved
DUI Counseling – State Licensed
Individual/Family/Couples Counseling


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