Journey Counseling offers a range of services for Domestic Violence counseling.
Serving men and women with both group and individual sessions.

The first and most important thing that I have learned so far is that me and only me is responsible for my actions. If I do not change my thinking or learn ways to deal with some of my problems I could wind up in trouble again. I’ve been learning ways to handle situations with “I” statements, timeouts and being more mindful of when things are getting out of control. If I do not communicate or hold things in it could lead to an escalated situation and I have learned about the cycle of violence, about power and control. I feel I have changed a lot and want to continue to change in a positive direction. I have learned what part my depression has played in this incident as well. I realize now that my depression was a big factor and it affected me more than I realized. Everything I learn in your class is working for me. Max, DV client.